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Mount Ararat is one of the easiest and nicest mountains over 5,000 meters to climb. However, you must be at least an intermediate mountain wanderer. If you remember about the basic safety principles, it is a safe mountain. Of course, you should prepare yourself first, mainly work on your fitness level. If trekking in the mountains is everyday life for you, it means you're ready to go ;-) It is more difficult though when it comes to acclimatization – you don't need to worry about it in lower mountains, but when you go to Ararat, you will definitely have to face it. Unfortunately, not every well-prepared hiker will have no problems staying above 3,500 meters above sea level. But you will only know this when you get there. Apart from the usual headache, you might experience vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing problems or the lack of strength to go on. It often happens that someone from the group cannot handle the height and does not climb to the summit. This, however, doesn't mean that they won't ever conquer Ararat (for Asia, the third time was the charm!) – they just have to try again.

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So if you want a new experience, an interesting but not very difficult challenge, come to Ararat. Apart from the fact that the plains surrounding that colossal mountain are really beautiful and really different from Polish or European landscapes, you will also have a chance to get to know Kurdish culture and its monuments. You are really welcome there! ;-)

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I have been to the top of Ararat as a guide many times. Now I live in Poland and I only visit Turkey about once a year. If you are interested in climbing Ararat, I will help you get in touch with a local guide – one of my brothers: Kubi, Ali or Nuri (photos of them below) – who will not only organize your trekking on Mount Ararat but will also show you different parts of Dogubayazits such as Ishak Pasa Sarayi, hot springs in Diyadin, ice cave, meteorites crater, Noah's Ark Park, or Fish Lake. They will also take you to a Kurdish village or the shepherds' summer tents in mountain pastures.

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There are also many other places of interest a bit farther from Ararat which I would suggest exploring. These are: trekking in Kaçkar mountains (highest peak 3,937 meters above sea level), climbing Mount Süphan (4,058 m), or a visit to the extinct volcano Dağı Nemrut (3050 m). My brothers can also organize a trip to the Damavand (5,671 m) in Iran. If you would like to contact me, send me an email or an instant message. We can also arrange a meeting to discuss the details.

I assure you that staying in eastern Turkey is a great adventure. You are cordially invited.


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